Why Shop Fronts Are So Important to Your Business

September 15, 2023

Shop Fronts

While many people are now shopping online, the high street still matters and you can really stand apart with a well-designed shop front. In fact, research by the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that passers-by are five times more likely to enter your store on impulse if it’s well-designed.Source:

Glass shopfronts allow you to maximise views of what’s inside the store, helping to draw customers in. A good window display showing a selection of products in clear light increases product desire and sales by around 24%.

A well-designed Shop Front can boost brand awareness and make your business look more professional. It can also help create a great first impression and if it’s attractive it can be the best way to advertise your brand.

Shop Front Security 101: Protecting Your Business and Brand

If your shop front is made from a material such as wood, it may transmit the idea that your company is a cozier and more natural place to buy things. Alternatively, a metallic shopfront can show that you are a contemporary and innovative place to visit.

A shopfront that is made from aluminum can offer a range of benefits including being a durable and low-maintenance solution. It is extremely versatile and can be fabricated to suit any design or colour scheme that you require. It’s also a thermally efficient choice, helping to keep the interior of your store or commercial property at a more consistent temperature. This means that you can save on energy bills while creating a striking, professional appearance.

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