The BC Cannabis Store

October 25, 2023

The BC Cannabis Store offers customers safe, quality products in a regulated environment. BC Cannabis Store is a cornerstone of the provincial legalization system and helps support the industry in BC.

How much weed can you legally have in Canada?

The online store provides a comprehensive selection of cannabis products. This assortment will continue to be refined and updated as consumer demand changes. The online store also includes extensive social responsibility and public education content.

While there are over 30 government-run stores and 400 private retail outlets across BC, the market is still not saturated. There is less than one store per 10,000 residents, which is significantly lower than more competitive markets in other provinces.

Licensed private retailers are critical to the success of the legalization system in BC. Private retailers can deliver more choice to consumers, offer a better retail experience, and foster community connections.

As a result, there is significant interest among local governments to license cannabis retail stores. However, a number of barriers remain, including the need for municipal development permits, zoning requirements, and strict distance standards to schools and communities.

In addition, obtaining an online store licence is complex and requires a substantial financial commitment. The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is committed to a careful, efficient rollout of the network and will continue to work with municipalities and communities to address these challenges.

Many private retailers complain that the BC Cannabis Store is unfairly driving them out of business by offering a small margin on cannabis compared to wholesale costs. For example, a CBC News analysis of prices at the store found margins on some products to be as low as seven percent.

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