The Upper Class of Prostitutes

October 2, 2023

call girls

Call girls, also known as escorts, are women who arrange meetings with clients primarily over the phone or internet and meet them at an agreed-upon location, which may be a hotel, restaurant or other public place. They are often referred to as the “upper class” of prostitutes, as they typically dress in conservative and elegant fashion and are seen by many as highly attractive. Read more

Most call girls begin their careers by working for a madam, who provides contacts with screened clients in exchange for a cut of their earnings. Once they have built up their reputations, some call girls try to circumvent this arrangement and develop their own client lists. They may do so by purchasing the book, or list of existing clients, of another call girl who is leaving the profession.

A middle-class girl for middle-class clients

Men who hire call girls report that they enjoy a number of benefits, including an ability to discuss personal matters with the woman in a private setting and the availability of sex without the time commitment of a relationship. Some married men claim that they hire sex workers to help them avoid discussing intimate details of their marriage with their wives, and single men say that call girls are a convenient alternative to girlfriends.

Prostitution and solicitation are criminal offenses, and a first or second-time conviction of these charges in Orange County carries up to a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail. A criminal record could negatively impact your professional and social life, so if you are charged with these crimes, you should seek the guidance of an experienced Orange County sex crime attorney.

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